iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Now Available in the Philippines

Following the worldwide announcement last September, Apple’s latest iPhones are now available in the Philippines. And just like last year, Apple is releasing two versions of the iPhone – the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 and the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus.

The new iPhones take advantage of the new Apple-designed A8 processor, a 64-bit chip that promises increased CPU performance of up to 25% and 50% faster graphics compared to the previous version.

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What Can You Do with Smart’s Free Internet Promo

In case you haven’t heard yet, Smart is offering free Internet access to all of its 66 million prepaid subscribers until the end of November this year. If you’re a Talk N’ Text or Sun Cellular prepaid user, you also get free Internet.

To take advantage of this amazing offer, simply text FREE to 9999 and wait for a confirmation message. Once registered, you have 30 MB of free Internet to use for 24 hours.

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Smart Expands 4G Coverage with 1,400 New LTE Installations

Smart’s high-speed 4G network is about to get a boost with 1,400 new LTE sites. The network upgrade, comprised of both FD-LTE and TD-LTE installations, is part of the wireless carrier’s continuing investment to increase capacity.

“Our strategy is to roll out a combination of network platforms meant to address the different needs and requirements of subscribers in different areas,” said Rolando Pena, head of Smart’s Technology Group.

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Kadayawan Invasion 2014

This Saturday, all roads will lead to Davao Crocodile Park as Spectrum.ph kicks off its Invasion tour, a series of rave parties featuring electronic dance music or EDM, which is very popular with today’s youth.

Interested? Here’s what you need to know:

  • Venue:  Davao Crocodile Park
  • Date & Time:  August 16, 2014 @ 3PM
  • Tickets: GA – P350, VIP – P2000

Kadayawan 2014 Sponsors

Buy e-PINS for Your Favorite Games on GameX.ph

Buy Online Games e-PINS from GameX.ph Through Sun or Smart Load
Can’t get enough of that Facebook game you’re playing? Buy boosts and gems using your Smart, Sun, or Talk ‘N Text prepaid load on GameX.

GameX is Smart’s newest gaming portal where subscribers can buy e-PINs for popular online games likes League of Legens, Heroes of Newerth, and DOTA 2.

Accessible on any device and available to prepaid and postpaid subscribers, the service also sells credits for Apptivate and Steam. Apptivate enables Apple users in the Philippine to buy apps and games from the App Store without using a credit card. Steam, on the other hand, is a popular online store for PC games.

To find out more about GameX, visit their website by clicking on this link.

Ellis Suites: A Nice Hotel in Bustling Gensan

During last week’s trip to General Santos City, I had a pleasant overnight stay at Ellis Suites, one of  Gensan’s newest hotels. Cozily tucked in one of  the quiet corners of the city, the hotel can easily be any traveler’s urban oasis.



Ellis Suites is, in many aspects,  a boutique hotel.  Its size, location, contemporary vibe, and modern amenities make it an ideal second home for those who are looking for a more intimate and personalised service in a city hotel.

Aside from the efficient service, what I really like about Ellis Suites is that the hotel seamlessly combines sleek architecture with tasteful interiors.  The rooms, although some of them compact in size, are designed to maximize space and are dramatically enhanced by bold splashes of purple and green.  All of the 32 fully-airconditioned guestrooms are equipped with amenities such as a 32-inch LCD TV and modern lighting.

Jump Experience Center Opens in SM Lanang Premier

One of the newest stores in SM Lanang Premier is PLDT’s Jump Experience Center. The store, the first of its kind in Mindanao, officially opened to the public last August 1 and showcases the latest products and services from PLDT,Smart,Sun Cellular, and Cignal.

During the launch, Perry Bacani of Smart’s Retail and Corporate Group Said that the PLDT Group considers the Mindanao market key to its strategy of maintaining market leadership.  Jump showcases  all the life-changing innovations for individuals, homes, and enterprises  that can only come from the convergence of the group’s best technologies and services.

So what can visitors expect when they enter the Jump Experience Center? First, they will notice that the Jump Experience Center is more than just a retail outlet.  It is actually a technology hub where they will get to experience the latest technological advancements, gadgets, and services.  Assistance and demonstrations will also be provided by the Jump Squad, an elite group of tech-savvy individuals tasked to ensure that clients get the best multimedia experience the moment they step into the store.

The Jump Experience Center – Davao is open during SM Lanang Premier mall hours.


Three Outdoor Mobility Aids for Independent Living

Disability afflicts people in many ways. Whilst some can live with their mobility issues, others are forced to rely on help from carers. However, reliance on help from friends and relatives can often strip people of their dignity and independence. A far better solution is for immobility sufferers to integrate a number of disability aids into their daily life. Instead of being confined to the home or restricted to getting out and about only when assistance is available, people can determine their own daily schedules by using products designed to give them back their independence.

Mobility Scooters

A mobility scooter gives mobility sufferers a way of getting to work, visiting friends and performing a wide range of life’s daily tasks. A class 3 model will be permitted on British roads, and a range of customisable options such as adjustable seating arrangements means people now have a comfortable way of moving around their communities without assistance. An increasing number of buses, trams and trains are being adapted to cater for class 2 mobile scooters, so new opportunities to work, socialise and shop are opening up for immobility sufferers all over the UK.


The humble wheelchair has been around for over 100 years, yet recent technological advances have made them lighter and more agile than ever before. Made from the latest carbon-fibre or aluminium compounds, they are designed to fold away easily – perfect for storing in a car. The latest bariatric wheelchairs support a greater amount of weight, and a range of customisable features such as wheel-tilt and movable leg-rests allow users to create a travelling experience that suits their needs. Turning circles have been reduced with smaller, more responsive wheels, so users can now negotiate the crowds of British high streets and shopping centres with relative ease.
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Natural Wonders of the World and Nearby Resorts


When you think of the Wonders of the World, you might think of the Great Wall of China or the Taj Mahal. In the United States, you might think of The Grand Canyon, The Hoover Dam or the Washington Monument.
There are many lists of Wonders of the World, created over centuries, each cataloguing some of the world’s most incredible places. In this article, we suggest wonders that you can visit in different countries, and how you can plan your trip around the wonder you’re going to see.
You will have to arrange accommodations when traveling, so we will look at some of the resorts closest to the wonders of different countries. When you travel to a wonder, you'll want to pick a nearby resort. This isn't just for convenience. Choosing accommodations close to the wonder you want to visit will help define the experience.
Resorts typically have brochures on nearby sites of interest and concierge experts on local attractions. A resort might even incorporate the theme of a nearby wonder in their property's decor. These are all things that enhance your visit to a national wonder of the world while traveling to another country. If you are unsure which countries to travel to, this guide will help you.

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The Blogger’s Guide to Copyright Law


In the blogosphere there are rules surrounding ethics and attribution. When you quote someone’s post, link to it. If you use someone’s chart, tell people where you got it. But the rules of the blogosphere tend to be more liberal than the rules of copyright law, and so good citizens of the blogosphere can still land themselves in legal trouble if they aren’t careful.

Many bloggers think that, provided they link to the source, they can copy as much as they want from other blogs and websites. The truth is, the original author will be less likely to complain if you link to the original work, but it makes very little legal difference. When you’re quoting from someone else, the concept of “fair use” is the most important thing to understand, says New York lawyer James Cupero.

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