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Gensan-Kalsangi 08.09

Since October 2008, I can’t remember how many times I took the three-hour bus ride to General Santos City.  In fact, this blog’s archive is a  testament to how often I visited GenSan to join blogging-related events and activities.

Early this month, Lyle, Blogie, and I received another invitation from Avel Manansala to spend a couple of days in the City of the Generals.  He wanted us to be there during Marzz’ birthday celebration.   We, of course,  said yes.

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More Than 100 Days with the HP 2140

HP 2140

Plurking with the HP 2140

If I were Korean and the HP 2140 is my boyfriend, then last July 29 would’ve been our baek-il or our 100 days of being together.

I bought the HP 2140 last April 20, 2009 and now, more than  100 days of using it, I feel that I need to blog about it from a non-techie user’s point of view.
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