More Than 100 Days with the HP 2140

HP 2140

Plurking with the HP 2140

If I were Korean and the HP 2140 is my boyfriend, then last July 29 would’ve been our baek-il or our 100 days of being together.

I bought the HP 2140 last April 20, 2009 and now, more than  100 days of using it, I feel that I need to blog about it from a non-techie user’s point of view.

I wanted to buy a netbook ever since Asus released the earliest Eee PC models. And like a moth drawn to light, I searched for the most suitable netbook in the market and after months of online research, I decided to purchase the HP 2140.

The main reasons why I chose the HP 2140 over other netbooks is that it has a sleek metal alloy body and has a better keyboard size.  Although it is heavier than most netbooks on the market, I think the HP 2140 is still light considering it weighs only 2.6 lbs.  I am also satisfied with its battery life even if my netbook runs on a 3-cell lithium-ion battery.

If there is something I don’t like about the HP 2140 is its 1024 x 576 native screen resolution.  It is not even the standard screen resolution for netbooks and as a result, I can’t run  one of the language softwares I use on my previous laptop.  Also, it would’ve been better if the AC adapter that came with the HP 2140 is a little smaller.

Still, I say that the HP 2140 is still worth every centavo of the Php23,990.00 I paid for it.  Even with its limitatons, I am happy with the HP 2140 because it is one sturdy  little machine which enables me to blog and do a  slew of various computing activities offline and online.

16 thoughts on “More Than 100 Days with the HP 2140

    1. Brendel Post author

      Also check out the Asus Eee PC 1005HA-P. Keyboard size is at par with the HP 2140, has better screen resolution and loooongggeerrr bat life. 🙂

  1. kyawkyaw

    Uyyyy!!! 100 days na sila… sana umabot kayo ng 100 years jejejeje!!!… Yung netbook ko pinauwi ko sa HP… sa sobrang sweet nilanggam, naputol ko yung SATA ribbon cable paglinis ko ;-(

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