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Having Cheeseburger in Paradise

Cheeseburger in paradise.

Cheeseburger in paradise.

Medium rare with mustard would be nice.

Heaven on earth with an onion slice.

I’m just a cheeseburger in paradise.

– Jimmy Buffet

One of the best things about Davao City is that you can buy a decent meal for less than a hundred bucks- drinks and sides included. Davao denizens have always been proud of the city’s long list of restaurants and diners offering delicious meals at rock-bottom prices.  Simply put, Davao City is paradise for food-lovers!

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That Saturday

At 5:30 am last Saturday, I was preparing the things that I needed to bring to the Practical Photojournalism Workshop for Bloggers when I received a phone call.  The caller was an aunt informing me of the health status of a hospitalized relative.

Although she didn’t exactly verbalize it, my gut feel told me that the patient didn’t have much time left.  And so I immediately called Lyle and informed him that I might not be able to join the workshop. Continue reading

These past 25 days I…

gave my iPod Touch a makeover.

Finally, that much-awaited package from DealExtreme arrived last October 13 and inside was the folio case and in-ear headset for my iPod Touch.  I really thought that I threw away $7.71 worth of blogged money because it took so long for the merchandise to be delivered.  The only downside is that my folio case and headset don’t match (I definitely didn’t order a black folio case).  Oh well, all’s well that ends well and so, for the record, I’m still in love with you, DealExtreme.

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