Monthly Archives: December 2009

Blogging 2010

If there is a lesson I learned in 2009, it would be this:  Each day I spent away from blogging is a golden moment I failed to seize.  And the  longer the blogging breaks I took, the harder it was for me to get back into the groove of things.

Because I know that I lost a number of opportunities that would have helped me grow professionally as a blogger, I want to do things differently in 2010.  I plan to take my blogging tasks seriously and hopefully improve my writing style.  Also, I have decided to continue the blogging projects I have conceived months ago but never really got to bring into fruition.

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2009 in Review: A Mix of Highs and Lows

I was leafing through  my Stradmore jot-down notebook and found Lyle’s wishlist for me for this year.  He had 7 wishes for me and only 2 materialized.    Going over the things he’d written and remembering what happened in the past 12 months, I can say that 2009 is a mix of personal highs and lows and they are as follows:


  • I procrastinated in everything.
  • I didn’t lose a lot of weight (but not as fat as I was in 2008).
  • My earnings took a nosedive.
  • I got sick a lot.
  • A relative passed away (too bad this is the cycle of life).
  • I’ve been more than sedentary (close to stuporous, in fact).

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Netbook Love

My best buy for 2009

The year is almost over so I decided to devote another blog post to what I consider my best buy for 2009.  Last year, it was the  iPod Touch but for this year, the Wise Buy Award goes to my netbook, the HP 2140.

I bought the HP 2140 last April and I have been enjoying it immensely.  Of course, despite my fascination with it and netbooks in general, I am still able to objectively point out what I think needs improvement.  I may be a netbook aficionado (ahem!) but I am not blinded by this netbook love.

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Bake Me a Cake

I wasn’t born with a sweet tooth.  In fact, I only started growing one  a couple of months ago  when my sister introduced  me to Davao’s only cake buffet. At the cake buffet- because my experience with cakes is rather limited- I just have two slices of the usual chocolate marble cake or any cheesecake available.   Both cakes are delicious but not as visually enticing as I would have wanted ’em to be.

So when I heard about the Bake Me a Cake blogging contest of and, I told myself that I’m definitely going to give it a shot.  I have a  Must-try Cakes and Pastries List but because my sweet tooth is only half-erupted, there’s a lone entry in the cake  category:  The Ssaeng Cream Cake.

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