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Isla Jardin del Mar, the Newest Vacation Destination

Bloggers with Mr. Marfin Tan, owner of Isla Jardin del Mar. (photo by Orman Manansala)

I have walked through the white sandy beach of hope.  And experienced the serenity and tranquility the locals speak of.  I have listened to the surf’s tales of  love and sorrow.  Because I have been to that island garden by the sea.

Last Saturday, Lyle and I traveled all the way to Gumasa, Glan to witness the soft opening of Sarangani’s newest vacation destination. With us to witness the event were the beautiful bloggers of Soccskargen, Go Sarangani Travel’s Michelle Solon and her friend, John Achavel.

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The First 20 Days of 2010

Pigbit aka dwaeji-toki

I just love my notebook planner and my desktop planner!  Because I took time to buy both last year, I am now able to keep track of my activities, appointments, tasks, errands, and even my expenses.

I scanned the entries in my planners earlier and I was all smiles because I was reminded of all the things I did in the past 20 days- the movies I watched, the places I’ve been to, the books I read, and even my mood when I wrote the entries.  It’s like reliving the experiences all over again.

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On TV: American Idol Season 9

I don’t really watch TV a lot.  And if my memory serves me right,  the last time I used the old TV set in my room was in March 2009.

But today, the telly has enough reason to rejoice.  Because it’s that time of the year again when TV-watching will be 2-3 times a week habit for me.   Why?  Well, another season of American Idol just started.  That’s why.

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My Torque DL85 Dual-sim Phone

Update as of January 10, 2009: I think that I wasted Php3590 on the Torque DL85.  The phone won’t let me make calls using my Sun Cellular line even if I have loads of credit left.  And this is on top of the problems I have experienced with the Torque DL85 as mentioned below.

Like most of you, I have a number of gadgets that I can’t live without.  So whenever I leave the house, these gadgets are in my bag:  a netbook, a point-and-shoot camera, an iPod Touch, and two Nokia mobile phones.

My Nokia mobile phones have served me well but bringing both with me whenever I go out can be quite troublesome.  So I decided to get myself an inexpensive dual-sim phone when the time came that I really NEED to buy one.

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