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Experiencing Kalilangan Festival 2010- Day 2

For our second day in GenSan, our hosts Orman and Avel chose to show us more of the best-kept secrets of their region.   So while the rest of General Santos City enjoyed the many events lined up for that day, February 25, our group was treated to a quick exploration of Region XII.

We were informed by Avel and Orman that our group was invited to have lunch with their good friend, Francis Sablon of Zion Travel. Francis, we were told, was waiting for us in Tupi. I didn’t ask where exactly in Tupi we were heading, because my visits to GenSan taught me this:  The Manansala siblings like to surprise their guests.  And the surprises are part and parcel of the whole GenSan experience.

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Experiencing Kalilangan Festival 2010- Day 1

If I haven’t been blogging or plurking much lately, it is because I was in General Santos City  for the city’s Kalilangan Festival.  The festival is a celebration of  General Santos’ 71st Founding Anniversary and this year’s theme is Honoring the Past. Understanding the Present.  Embracing the Future.

I was also there during the Tuna Festival last year and its grandeur was breathtaking.  And knowing first-hand that the Generals celebrate their festivals with much aplomb, I immediately said yes when our small group of Davao Bloggers was invited by Orman Manansala, the Kalilangan Festival Director, to participate in the event.

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