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The Vampire Diaries

My knowledge of US TV series outside The Office and Just Shoot Me is very limited so it is very uncharacteristic of me to watch The Vampire Diaries.  Thanks to my friend Miah, I got interested in The Vampire Diaries and got hooked enough to purchase a copy of the dvd.

Well,  to state the obvious, the Vampire Diaries is about bloodsuckers.  But it’s not  just another vampire story.  Because it totally trumps Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse combined. And probably Vampire Academy if and when they finally decide to make a movie or a TV series out of Rachelle Mead’s novels.  I might change my mind about this if Ian Somerhalder plays  Belikov.

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Ps3 Poker 2_20a

Although many people may choose to play their poker at a live casino or in a top 10 online casinos, the major video game consoles are intent on providing options for those who want to enjoy poker through the convenience of their own video game system. Often, these poker games take the form of an arcade version available through the console’s downloadable online live service. A PS3 entry in this genre is Sony Online Entertainment’s High Stakes Vegas Strip: Poker Edition.

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The Alcatel OT-355D Dual-Sim Phone

It’s the time of the year again when we get ourselves new phones.  But while others are probably deciding whether to get an Android phone, an iPhone 4, or a BlackBerry, I wanted an inexpensive dual-sim phone.

I have nothing against pricey state-of-the-art mobile phones.  It’s just that my need for a mobile phone is  limited to calling and sending text messages that a mid-end or a high-end phone automatically becomes an extravagance.

I know what I want from a dual-sim phone.  My dream dual-sim phone must have a price tag of not more than P4,000, lightweight, easy to navigate, works with  Globe and SunCellular networks, and definitely not a Torque phone.

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That Stuck iPod Touch Home Button

A couple of months ago, I agonized over a stuck iPod Touch home button.  It was  a nightmare, I tell you.  I love my 1st gen iPod Touch to pieces and a stuck home button means a ruined iPod Touch experience.

A stuck iPod Touch home button is a real pain.  You can’t switch apps easily so if you open an application, you’re stuck there forever unless you restart  it to open another application.  You can’t take screenshots.  You can’t do a hard reset. The list of cant’s is endless if your home button is jammed.

I researched on how to fix it myself but the possible solutions involved applying solvents like alcohol to the area surrounding the home button, dropping the iPod Touch a couple of times, and even taking it apart.  There’s no way I’d do any of the three recommended fixes.

The soundest advice I read in one of the forums inhabited by iPod Touch enthusiasts is to bring to an authorized service center.

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My Vote Goes to Life With Ria

I am voting for  Life with Ria for the Philippine Blog Awards 2010 Bloggers Choice Award.

I am voting for Ria’s blog because it’s a fun read.   I also like the fact that she blogs about her experiences and life as it is. No pretense.  No sugar-coating. No attempts at making her life appear more interesting.

Enough said.