That Stuck iPod Touch Home Button

A couple of months ago, I agonized over a stuck iPod Touch home button.  It was  a nightmare, I tell you.  I love my 1st gen iPod Touch to pieces and a stuck home button means a ruined iPod Touch experience.

A stuck iPod Touch home button is a real pain.  You can’t switch apps easily so if you open an application, you’re stuck there forever unless you restart  it to open another application.  You can’t take screenshots.  You can’t do a hard reset. The list of cant’s is endless if your home button is jammed.

I researched on how to fix it myself but the possible solutions involved applying solvents like alcohol to the area surrounding the home button, dropping the iPod Touch a couple of times, and even taking it apart.  There’s no way I’d do any of the three recommended fixes.

The soundest advice I read in one of the forums inhabited by iPod Touch enthusiasts is to bring to an authorized service center.

I bought the iPod Touch in 2008 so it’s out of warranty  and having it repaired at an authorized service center easily means I’ll be poorer by a couple of thousand bucks.  So for a couple of months more, I tried to ignore the defect and simply used it as an mp3 player.  That was so baaaad of me but jumping from one app to another by restarting it often is way too cumbersome.

Lyle, my constant companion, knew how devastated I was so he offered to buy me a 4th generation iPod Touch.  Of course, I said no.  My iPod Touch is the iPod Touch.  One shouldn’t  not give up on an ailing friend, I reasoned.

Finally, I decided to have my it repaired with a budget of three thousand pesos.  But before I went to an authorized Apple reseller at one of the malls here in Davao City to inquire about repairs, I made a beeline for a small kiosk selling Mp3 players.

I asked the person in-charge if they knew how  to repair a stuck iPod Touch home button.  He said yes and so I asked how much.  I braced for the worst and then the guy said they charge P500 for it.  I then asked whenI get to pick it up.  The guy said in an hour, tops.  I really had a hard time containing my happiness. I was all smiles as I handed him my iPod Touch, got my temporary receipt for the transaction, and walked away from the kiosk.

So I went home with fully-functioning gadget.  The once unresponsive iPod Touch home button works flawlessly so switching from one application to another is no sweat.  Honestly, I missed my iPod Touch so much that whenever I use it, it feels like I brought home a new gadget that day.

18 thoughts on “That Stuck iPod Touch Home Button

      1. cher

        Hi! Im from Davao and I have the exact problem with my ipod touch 1st Gen just last night. I panicked but I’m so glad I was able to get come across your blog. 3rd floor Gmall right? 500php is reasonable enough. Thank you. 🙂

    1. Brendel Post author

      Hi Michelle. The kiosk/store is called MP3 express near Hair Studio. You can also inquire at AOY store, same floor. You can find it where the cellphone shops are.

      Sorry for the delayed reply.

    1. Brendel Post author

      Go to MP3 express, a kiosk near Hair Studio. If the technician is no longer with them, you can inquire at AOY cellular phone shop near Spazio. They should know how to fix it at a reasonable price.

  1. Jason

    all you have to do is jailbreak it and then add the sbsettings dock, easy, i havnt used my broken 1st generation home button in years haha i can switch apps and everything else without the home button

    1. Brendel Post author

      I wanted to have the home button fixed without jailbreaking the iPod Touch so I had it repaired instead. Considering the P500 (a little over $10) I paid the repair guy, it was well worth it!

  2. Brittany Rafferty

    Hey guys. My iPod touch (4th generation)’s home screen is jammed in my iPod. I. Even used my iPod pen but it still wouldn’t work. What could I do besides going to the apple store like using something at home? What could I use easily at home to fix it?

    1. brendel Post author

      I haven’t tried fixing the jammed home button myself because there are stores in my city specialising in iPhone/iPod repairs.


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