The Vampire Diaries

My knowledge of US TV series outside The Office and Just Shoot Me is very limited so it is very uncharacteristic of me to watch The Vampire Diaries.  Thanks to my friend Miah, I got interested in The Vampire Diaries and got hooked enough to purchase a copy of the dvd.

Well,  to state the obvious, the Vampire Diaries is about bloodsuckers.  But it’s not  just another vampire story.  Because it totally trumps Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse combined. And probably Vampire Academy if and when they finally decide to make a movie or a TV series out of Rachelle Mead’s novels.  I might change my mind about this if Ian Somerhalder plays  Belikov.

No offense to Twilight fans because I love the Twilight saga but The Vampire Diaries is really more engaging. And the suspense is addicting.  Also,   I thought that I’ve found the ultimate vampy dreamboat in Edward Cullen but he is a boy compared to  Damon and Stefan Salvatore (Paul Wesley).

My favorite The Vampire Diaries character would have to be Damon Salvatore.   And Ian Somerhalder is just perfect for the part. Damon Salvatore is a bad-ass vamp who is a thousand times hotter and more decisive than Edward Cullen. Am I making you mad already? 😀

As for Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev), the female  lead character, well I’m not that big a fan although she’s sweet and spunky and doesn’t blink a thousand times when she delivers her lines.  But I dislike her in a way because she’s manipulative, always wrapping Damon around her little fingers.  And I just don’t get why she chooses Stefan over the hotter big bro. And even Isobel (Elena’s biological mom) agrees with me. Sure Stefan’s got a bigger bod but Damon’s certainly more appealing.

I know, I know. I’m getting carried away. 😀

As for the Vampire Diaries novels, well, I have the audiobooks but I didn’t like the narrator so everything went to the recycle bin.  One of my friends told me that it’s not that good and from what I heard so far, I gotta agree with her.  It’s a waste of disk space.

The Vampire Diaries is currently on Season 2 and I’m patiently waiting for Episode 12.

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