MyPhone B88 Duo

One of the mobile phones I’m currently using is the MyPhone B88 Duo.  I bought it last April because I needed a new dual-sim phone.  Why?  I accidentally dropped my Nokia handset in the sink while I was washing my face.  Really klutzy but so typical of me.

A drenched, non-working dual-sim phone is the perfect excuse for me  to buy a new one.  Honestly, I remember I was really low on funds that time but a dual-sim phone is an absolute  must-have for me.  Yeah, I’m unabashedly one of those who think  that  humans can’t survive on one network alone. 😀

So I went to Abreeza Mall and bought the cheapest MyPhone dual-sim handset I can find.   Why MyPhone? Well, the brand’s been getting a lot of good reviews for its dual-sim phones so I just decided to purchase the most affordable of them all.  And that’s the MyPhone B88 Duo.

Priced at P888, the B88 Duo is an affordable, feature-packed dual-sim bar phone.  It has a camera, a wireless FM radio, a calendar, an alarm clock, an MP3/MP4 player, and an expandable memory.  Pretty much everything you expect in a basic phone, right?

Performance-wise, this phone delivers.  I haven’t experienced any lags during typing nor noticeable delays when navigating between menu icons.  Battery life is also great.  With heavy use, I get about two days without needing to charge.  Call quality  is average and  I generally get good reception.

Aside from the very affordable price tag and the fact that all sim slots actually work, what I like best about the MyPhone B88 Duo is the build quality.  The body is made of durable plastic.  I probably dropped the phone more than ten times already and it’s still in mint condition.  Furthermore, the keypad hasn’t shown signs of wear despite the kind of abuse I subject the phone on a daily basis.

The device also comes with a fake money detector.  I would’ve preferred a flashlight but heck, the fake money detector makes an excellent conversation piece.

And that’s not all, the B88 Duo also has a voice recorder so one can record phone calls and conversations.  It’s perfect for those who are dying to find out how sultry their voice sounds on the phone . ><

The MyPhone B88 Duo is also Pinoy Phone-ready although the model doesn’t come with a microSD card pre-loaded with Pinoy Content.

Overall, there’s a lot to like about the MyPhone B88 Duo.  It’s an affordable dual-sim phone that offers excellent build quality, good performance and  a few surprising extras.  With this nifty bar phone, you’ll never get the feeling that you got less than what you paid for.

25 thoughts on “MyPhone B88 Duo

  1. Dopski

    Why not include the negative aspect of this phone? I have found some, like the time setting has no option to change from AM to PM. Another negative thing I found is that using the Pinoy menu, checking the prepaid balance always ask for a password when there were no previous set password! How is that? and nowhere from the accompanying reading materials that there was a default password! How on this phone could I input the password? Through guess work? Blah , blah, blah!

    1. brendel Post author

      Here’s how you can change the time settings on your phone from AM to PM: Go to PHONE SETTINGS, then go to DATE and TIME, then SET DATE and TIME, then choose TIME. Move the cursor so that “am” is the highlighted portion and then type P. That should fix the problem.

      Also, I didn’t bother to check out the Pinoy menu because I had no use for it. I bought the handset because I was looking for a basic call & text phone with a few extras.

  2. Jay

    Hi I just buy one of this B88 Duo, My problem is that I can’t play music on the audio player but I have my mp3 files in the memory card and I play songs manually in the file manager.I just want to play it in the audio player but it doesn’t work even if I refresh it. How can I come up with this problem?

    1. Elle

      you have to transfer your music files in the “My Music” folder for it to show up on your audio player’s list. I did this using a computer coz it takes too much time to do it using the phone. once you transfer the music files, refresh the list. The files should be displayed afterwards. Hope this helps 🙂

  3. Vichi Brown

    my/phone B88 TV Duo “Quick Start Guide” says initial Battery charging time is 12 hours X 3 Times. Battery is made in China. Is this information correct ? Then what is the duration of Re-charging after-wards ? Please advice me. Thank You.

    1. brendel Post author

      Hi. My B88 is a different model from your MyPhone B88 TV Duo so I can’t say if the initial charging time for both phones are the same.

  4. adrian

    does it have a earphone jack?.. I heard it didnt come with earphone so i wonder if it have a earphone jack.. it’d be a great mp3 player if it do have one.

    1. brendel Post author

      No 3.5 mm earphone jack. But if you have a mini USB headset, you can use it on the phone’s lone USB port.

  5. monica

    if i transfer files to the audio folder, bakit hindi mag-play when i open the audio player? what i did was just click “ADD” one by one…wala bang mas-madaling paraan?


  6. aldrin

    help plss ung myphone b88 tv duo ko e ung sa pag set ng time e wlang am and pm pano to ibalik ku kya sa mp? panay am cya kahit bguhin ko un.oras

  7. Faust

    the strength of this phone is longer battery life good for three days and has a fake money detector that scans counterfeit bills that i find handy when transacting.. ^_^

    1. kalbonatao

      if your going to set the time on tghis phone, you should use the military time.. (e.g. if your setting it to 7PM, input 7 + 12, so 19:00 dapat po yung iseset nyo..)

  8. Nikka

    Hello po, tulong naman pls? Biglang nag-off ung Myphone B88 duo at hindi na nag-on. Nag try ako na i-on ulit ngunit hanggang sa welcome display lng cya at nag-off ulit. Nag-charge na ako, pero ayaw parin mag-on. Pls help!

  9. Jukon

    Pano po gamitin ang fake money detector? wala po yata akong makitang switch or item sa menu to activate the uv bulb.. please help.

  10. len

    gud day, tnung q lng panu mag add ng message tone sa myphone b88 tv duo kc nmn 1 lng nksave sa kanya na message tone, tpoz wala din choices like select from file sa message tone. help me po,


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