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One of the  US TV shows I’m following is Criminal Minds.  Oh I admit I started watching the series a few years late and it was sheer boredom that made me give it a try. But all it took me was  a full  episode and I wasn’t just hooked, I was roped in.

L to R: Reid, Prentiss, Garcia, Hotcher, Rossi, Morgan, and JJ.

Sometimes, I ask myself why I would like I crime show so much.  I’d like to think I’m not a hopeless nutcase when it comes to police procedural drams.  I watched CSI for a while and I wasn’t  whipped.  Ever.  But Criminal Minds is a different story. The whole criminal profiling thing really intrigued me.  By the third episode, my vocabulary included terms like unsub, MO, blitz attack, victimology, organized offender, and signature.

I like all the mainstay characters in Criminal Minds – Reid, Prentiss, Garcia, Morgan, Hotchner, JJ, and Rossi – because they are flawed and vulnerable at times but still remain to be good at what they do.  The actors behind these characters deliver nothing short of excellent acting skills.

Criminal Minds Minds Season 8 will premier on September 26, 2012.  I’m so excited to watch it but I’m sad  because Emily Prentiss won’t be back this season as actress Paget Brewster quit the show.  It’s too bad because I was hoping Aaron Hotchner will dump Beth in favor of Emily but that’s just me dreaming.

By the way, they will be introducing a new character played by Jeanne Tripplehorn.  I can’t say I’m bouncing off my seat but I’m optimistic.  I hope she’s bad@ss.

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  1. Kenneth A. Zurbruegg

    I am a fan of criminal minds but Maybe someone can explain something to me…we all know they travel to various crime scenes….How are the black suburbans that they drive at the various locations …there at their disposal? The jet that they use is too small to transport them …what is a plausible explanation?


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