Monthly Archives: October 2012

Then and Now

It has been 12 years since I obtained a degree in Psychology.  As a  psychology graduate from a Jesuit university in Mindanao, I imagined myself to have a degree in medicine somewhere down the road or at least have a rewarding career in human resource management.

Oh I had a short-lived career in human resource management.  How long was it —  a year and half?  I was a human resource assistant for a year then an human resource officer for 6 months.  I don’t even remember if I truly enjoyed what I did.

And then I decided to study nursing.  It took me 3 years to obtain my degree and another year to finish all my licensure exams.  And after accomplishing all those things, one would think that I’m now gainfully employed at a tertiary hospital here in Davao City.  But what I’m doing right now is totally different from  my profession.

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WordCamp Philippines 2012

Okay, I swear I thought I would never get involved with events organizing this year.  I have so many nursing-related tasks to do — license renewals, certifications, even an English exam.

But surprisingly, I found myself involved in organizing WordCamp Philippines once again.  I’ve helped organize the event twice before and although  fun and exciting are two adjectives that always come to mind when I think of WordCamp, it was physically and emotionally draining at the same time.  In a blog post I wrote in October 2010, I said that I was looking forward to attending WordCamp Philippines, not as an organizer,  but as a camper.  But here I am, yet again working behind the scenes for the love of blogging and WordPress.  And what makes the third time more challenging is that I joined the organizing team only a month into the event.

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