Milkbar’s Cookies

Milkbar Cookies 01

When it comes to coffee, I’m not very picky.  At home, I get by with any instant coffee.  Black or 3-in- 1 is also fine by me.

But yesterday afternoon’s cup of coffee was extra special.  No, I didn’t have brewed coffee or anything fancy.  I had a cup of instant black coffee but…I had yummy pastries that went really well with it!

So with the usual cup of black coffee, I had a bunch of cream cheese and chocolate cookies.  Yes, you read it right… cream cheese and chocolate chip!

The cream cheese cookies were flavourful, but not too sweet.  It had a texture that reminded me of mini-muffins so there’s a delightful fluffiness in every bite.  And the chocolate chip cookies?  Nothing but soft, chewy, chocolatey goodness!  I say both types of baked goodies make great pairing options for those who want to enjoy their coffee with something to munch on.

It’s a pity, though, that the yummy cookies are not available in Davao City.  It’s from this yogurt place called Milkbar, located at the lower ground level of Asian Hospital in Muntinlupa City.  They also have soft serve Italian ice cream and even egg-free or dairy-free cakes and pastries on order basis.  I’ll be posting their contact details below for sweet-tooths with special dietary requirements.

As for me, I hope Milkbar opens a branch here in Davao City soon.  So I can be assured of having yummy cookies with my daily cup of instant coffee. 🙂



Contact. No.:  (0922)  8466 – 455


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