More Personal Finance Apps for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch

Personal Finance IOS apps


One of my goals this year is to continue to keep track of my expenses and manage my personal finances.  In 2012, I started using an awesome personal finance app called Expensify and so far, it’s been great at helping me keep track of my expenses and vastly encourages me to stay within my monthly budget.

But I can’t really say that Expensify is the ultimate mobile personal finance app.  Yes, I love its simplicity and how it lets me organize  my expenses into categories, take pictures of my receipts, and generate detailed expense reports.  However, I feel like it lacks a couple of features like tips, budget tracking, and financial calculator.

So I downloaded more mobile finance apps from the App Store.  There’s, BudgetTracker, EEBA, Spending, and a few others.  I wanted to try using them one by one so I can find the app which will help me me me keep track of my spending (and where my money goes)  and aid in managing my monthly budget as well.  I want to accomplish so much as far as personal finance is concerned so if ever I come across a nifty application that’s packed with lots of useful features, I’d jump ship in a jiffy!

However, personal financial management doesn’t start and end with using the most awesome apps out there.  It requires a lot of discipline, planning,  and if one is saddled with debts,  perhaps receive debt advice from experts and opt for Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA).   Those who want to gain financial independence can find out about IVA terms over here.

There are a lot ofpredictions on finance and the general economy for 2013.   Some bleak, some very promising.  But whatever the financial predictions may be, we are at the helm of our financial futures.  As long as we have discipline, take heed of sound financial and debt advice, and utilise the vast resources available to us.

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