The Walking Dead Mid-Season Premiere

And The Walking Dead is Back. I already have this season’s latest episode but I didn’t watch it yet. I have to be somewhere in a few hours so I think I have to prolong the anticipation just a little bit.

I watched the first half Season 3 with lots of trepidation. Honestly, I was afraid that they would kill off Daryl. Daryl is my favourite character in the zombie-infested series so the slightest possibly that his head gets chopped off automatically translates to increased blood pressure and heart rate for me.

I hope that I won’t see much of The Governor and Andrea this episode. They make me mad in so many levels. Watching The Governor makes me miss Shane terribly. And oh, I’m expecting a lot of zombie action because the mid-season finale was riddled with human vs. human conflicts. I’m all for depth and heart and stuff but I don’t think the show needs to drown in drama.

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