The Blogger’s Guide to Copyright Law

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In the blogosphere there are rules surrounding ethics and attribution. When you quote someone’s post, link to it. If you use someone’s chart, tell people where you got it. But the rules of the blogosphere tend to be more liberal than the rules of copyright law, and so good citizens of the blogosphere can still land themselves in legal trouble if they aren’t careful.

Many bloggers think that, provided they link to the source, they can copy as much as they want from other blogs and websites. The truth is, the original author will be less likely to complain if you link to the original work, but it makes very little legal difference. When you’re quoting from someone else, the concept of “fair use” is the most important thing to understand, says New York lawyer James Cupero.

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Sun Cellular’s Name Ur Number SIM

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Last night, I was at Piyesta KTV and Resto Bar  for the Sun Cellular Davao Bloggers Party.

During the informal gathering, I learned about Cellular’s deals and promos for prepaid and postpaid subscribers but what really excited me is their Davao-exclusive LOAD & EAT ALL YOU CAN promo.  According to a Sun Cellular rep, they will be giving away 50 free dinners at Ranch & Reef  to lucky prepaid subscribers.  All you need to do is purchase at least P50 worth of SUN prepaid products to get a raffle entry.  How cool is that?  And the free dinner is for two, by the way, there’s no dining by your lonesome.

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The Latest in the Greatest

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Within recent times, two entities have been merging, and have been doing so successfully. The entities we’re discussing are businesses and blogs. People with small and medium-size businesses, even those with larger businesses in their stead, are realizing that it’s not enough to just have a good website anymore. If you want your business to realize success, you have to be visible, and blogging is an excellent way to do this. The perfect union of text and pictures, blogs are both a recreational and professional resources that continue to gain popularity. From a business perspective, through dynamic original content about their industry, blogs give business owners the opportunity to network with their existing and potential customers, as well as their associates. People sign up for blogs every day to relay their experiences and opinions, and through this content, they also share their experiences with the vendors they do business with. Blogging and content marketing is one of the latest in the greatest forms of marketing, advertising and promotion.

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5 Ways to Make Your Web Content Stand Out

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Are you ready to launch your website? This is a great first step that will ultimately make or break your business. When you are preparing your own website, you must think of ways that you can make it stand out among the competition. Having a simple website with an “about me” page just doesn’t cut it anymore, considering all that is available on the Internet these days. Adopt the following five methods to make your content stand out before you officially launch your website.

Professional Building Services

The most convenient and economical way to launch a website is to choose a professional building service. Not only are the basic components free, but the website is built easily and goes live within minutes of completion. Relying on professional services online is better than trying to build a website yourself because such companies already have the tools it takes to make Internet content stand out.

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WordCamp Philippines 2012

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Okay, I swear I thought I would never get involved with events organizing this year.  I have so many nursing-related tasks to do — license renewals, certifications, even an English exam.

But surprisingly, I found myself involved in organizing WordCamp Philippines once again.  I’ve helped organize the event twice before and although  fun and exciting are two adjectives that always come to mind when I think of WordCamp, it was physically and emotionally draining at the same time.  In a blog post I wrote in October 2010, I said that I was looking forward to attending WordCamp Philippines, not as an organizer,  but as a camper.  But here I am, yet again working behind the scenes for the love of blogging and WordPress.  And what makes the third time more challenging is that I joined the organizing team only a month into the event.

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SM Lanang Premier Cyberzone: A Geek’s Paradise

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One of the most exciting events that happened in the city very recently was the grand opening of SM Lanang Premier. It is the 2nd SM mall in  Davao and first of its kind in the country.

Months into the opening date, people were already talking about Davao’s “ultimate” mall.  Some even predicted that it would open in time for Kadayawan 2012.   SM Lanang Premier certainly generated a lot of interest that if you’re not from Davao, you’d think it’s the  first shopping mall in the city.

SM Lanang Premier opened its doors to the public on September 28 and judging from the huge traffic jam along Lanang area that day, you’d think that every soul in the city marked the date on their calendars.   And since I live in the same district, the mall’s opening made me take an alternate route to and from my place during the opening weekend.

Fortunately for me, I was able to attend the SM Lanang Premier’s opening ceremony last September 27, specifically for the Cyberzone launch.

SM Prime Holdings, Inc. executives during the ribbon-cutting ceremony

Cyberzone is the technology and lifestyle centre of  SM Lanang Premier.   It is that part of the mall where shoppers can find all kinds of stuff for their gaming and computing needs.  Need a new phone? Check.  Want to see the latest tablets? Check.  Looking for the thinnest laptop? Check.  As long as you’re looking for gadgets and gizmos, Cyberzone’s got it covered.

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