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My Favorite Treats: Pastillas de Leche + Coffee Ball

Although I’m not much of a sweet tooth I still have an affinity for specific sweets.

First it was Red Ribbon’s choco walnut mousse but they stopped selling it so away went my cravings as well.  I lasted years without craving for anything sweet.  I would eat something really salty for breakfast, lunch and dinner without the need for dessert  to complete my meals.

But finally, more than 10 years after my last bite of Red Ribbon’s mousse-y goodness, the gods of sugar heaven have once again opened the gates for me. And to replace that long gone but never to be forgotten choco walnut mousse, I have found not one, but two great loves of my life.

Go Nuts Donuts’ Pastillas de Leche

I had my first bite of Pastillas de Leche in June 2011 when Go Nuts Donuts opened its first store in Davao at Abreeza Mall.   You probably won’t believe me but with that first bite, I felt a rush of emotions that can only come from comfort food.  The donut reminded me of yema (custard balls), a Filipino delicacy.  I can’t describe it but there’s just something about the creamy, oozing sweetness of the pastillas de leche’s stuffing that makes it my favourite donut of all time. In fact, I like it so much that I can eat more than 3 donuts in one sitting (defintely not a good idea when you need to lose weight).

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Milkbar’s Cookies

Milkbar Cookies 01

When it comes to coffee, I’m not very picky.  At home, I get by with any instant coffee.  Black or 3-in- 1 is also fine by me.

But yesterday afternoon’s cup of coffee was extra special.  No, I didn’t have brewed coffee or anything fancy.  I had a cup of instant black coffee but…I had yummy pastries that went really well with it!

So with the usual cup of black coffee, I had a bunch of cream cheese and chocolate cookies.  Yes, you read it right… cream cheese and chocolate chip!

The cream cheese cookies were flavourful, but not too sweet.  It had a texture that reminded me of mini-muffins so there’s a delightful fluffiness in every bite.  And the chocolate chip cookies?  Nothing but soft, chewy, chocolatey goodness!  I say both types of baked goodies make great pairing options for those who want to enjoy their coffee with something to munch on.

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Kreuk’s Euro Snacks and Food

Okay, here’s what Lyle and I had for pre-midnight snack last night:


The picture is crappy but what you’re looking at are two very large servings of  tasty Sate  (or is it Satay?) and Fish & Fries meals from a food stand called Kreuk’s Euro Snacks and Food.  Each meal costs P150 and believe me, the servings are so huge that even if you’re hungry, it will probably take you some time to pack it all in.

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Celebrate Mother’s Day at Alor’s

Mother’s Day is that one day of the year when we really want to give mom an extra dose of pampering.  And if you want to make mom feel extra special on this memorable day, treat her to a sumptuous dinner at Alor’s: a Home Kitchen. 



Alor’s: A Home Kitchen  is one of the finest restaurants in Davao City.  They serve delectable meals amidst a very relaxing ambiance.  The house specials – Angus Roast Beef,  Forty Clove Chicken,  and Knock Out Knuckles – will surely delight your mom and the rest of the family as well. For appetizers and sides,  their Potato Shrimp Balls and the irresistible Golden Rolls are great choices.


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Ranchero Davao: Baby Back Ribs and More

When I think of Ranchero Davao, one thing definitely comes to mind.  And that’s their very flavorful baby back ribs.

I have tried the famous Ranchero baby back ribs a couple of times and always, the restaurant’s trademark is there — that unmistakable burst of flavor with every  bite.   Honestly, the ribs are so juicy and tender that I reckon I can finish a slab in one sitting.  Yeah, even without the sauce. 🙂 Continue reading

Florotel Gensan: Your Home in General Santos City

During my most recent trip to General Santos City, I had the opportunity to stay at Florotel GenSan for the first time.

Florotel GenSan is a business hotel located along North Laurel Avenue, General Santos City.  It’s the newest hotel in the city and I must say one of the nicest additions to GenSan’s growing list of hotels and inns.

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GenSan Tuna Festival 2010 – Day 3

Day 3 of my Tunafest 2010 trip started early.  My group was tasked to be judges of the Mardi Gras Streetdancing Competition so as early as 9:00 a.m. (quite a feat for me!)  we were already at Pioneer Avenue, General Santos City.

(Photo by Olan Emboscado)

It was a sunny day in General Santos City and despite the heat, I stood at my judging post for more than an hour observing the different contingents as they danced to Centerpoint Band’s Whoa Gensan in their colorful costumes.  The   streetdancing routine was progressive and I was really delighted to see very young contingents perform with much gusto. 🙂

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GenSan Tuna Festival 2010 – Day 2

The second day of my Tuna Festival 2010 experience was as busy as Day 1.  Thankfully, we were able to sleep a little bit more before our host came to pick us up for lunch.

Knowing that our group has a big appetite for seafood, Avel brought us to Leeonga Mongolian and Seafood Grill at the Sun City Suites Complex.  There, we were treated to a spread of delectable dishes that could satisfy any craving for seafood.

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Red Ribbon Bloggers’ Event

Last October 3, I attended a Red Ribbon event for the bloggers of Davao, GenSan, and Cagayan de Oro who were in Manila to attend WordCamp Philippines 2010.  The event, which took place at the Fort Bonifacio branch of Red Ribbon, was organized by Red Ribbon’s Marketing  Team through blogger Jonel Uy.

I have always liked Red Ribbon products so  I was super delighted that they treated us to an early lunch consisting of a combination of their bestsellers and newest offerings like salisbury steak, pancit palabok, and crispy chicken.  I  also had their bestselling chicken empanada, a slice or  two of  Mango Passion cake, and one of their signature blended drinks.

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