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Thoughts on Home Remodeling

This year is a busy one for me. Aside from blogging and events organizing, I also helped my father oversee the remodeling job we had at home.

No, don’t get me wrong. I didn’t do any of the carpentry, plumbing, and painting. We had workers for that. What I did was help out in the sourcing, selection, and purchasing of materials.

The best thing about the whole experience is that I learned a lot. For instance, when we were purchasing materials, I learned that most quality and durable items are very costly. But for those who are remodeling their homes on a budget there are cheaper alternatives that will also serve the purpose, if you just know where to look.
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My Stationery Collection

I was cleaning one of my storage boxes when I found these:

Yeas, sweetie.  You’re looking at my stationery collection. I have memo pads, stickers, sticky notes, pens, deco tapes, letter sets, notebooks — cuteness overload!  I started buying these babies more than a year ago because I have a soft spot for all things kawaii.

My love for stationery started when I was in grade school.  How old was I — 6? Well, I first had a  sheet of My Melody writing paper (or stay-shoo as we called it back then) that my classmate gave me and because I was an astute trader, I bartered my way into building my own collection.  Hello Kitty, Little Twin Stars, Tsukuba, My Melody, Kerokerokeroppi, Zashikibuta, Tuxedo Sam — the works!  I also had loads of those small note pads that smelled so good.

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Discover the Benefits of Used Conversion Vans

With gas prices still on the rise, many RV owners are trading in their vehicles. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to give up your dreams of traveling around the country in the comfort in your own vehicle. Dave Arbogast vans offer many viable solutions for road travelers looking to purchase vehicles that will help them get to their destinations. Conversion vans are the solution for people who don’t want the bulk of an RV, or who simply just want a spruced up van.

At the same time, you may not be interested in the costs or hassle associated with converting a van. The good news is there are plenty of already-converted vans on the market that have just the features you’re looking for. Used conversion vans are the perfect solution if you want all the details but none of the hassle.

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SM Lanang Premier to Open on September 28

One of the most anticipated events in Davao City this month is the launch of SM Lanang Premier on September 28.


SM Lanang Premier, a 144,002 square-meter shopping mall, is SM Prime’s biggest mall development project in Mindanao.  The mall combines contemporary cutting-edge architecture, state-of-the-art entertainment and convention facilities, and a choice mix of international and national brands to provide customers with a world-class shopping and dining experience.

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Decorating with Wall Stickers

Last month, I wrote about my bluer than blue walls and my plans to decorate my room with removable wall stickers.  Well, long story short, the removable stickers I ordered online finally arrived and here are some pics of my prettified walls.

I wanted to decorate one corner of my room  so I ordered 4 sets of stickers thinking that each set is just a few inches tall.    And I’m glad I did because the stickers are large enough to cover more space plus,   the designs I chose are really cute and perfect for my blue-themed room.

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Bathroom Renovations – Hits and Misses

When we decided to remodel our house, the main consideration is the cost.  Ours is more than 28 years old and begged for general repair so with the rising cost of construction materials and labor, we wanted to keep things simple.

Aside from the roof, the shared bathroom is one part of my home that needed a major overhaul.  Chipped and discolored tiles, very old bathroom fittings — everything had to go.  We had a very limited budget so we purchased the most affordable materials we can find.  The tiles we used were from a discount store and if I’m not mistaken, we saved a considerable sum because it was offered at half the original retail price.  Furthermore, we purchased the mirror and shelving from a glass supply store  as it was cheaper and of better quality than what’s sold at department stores and home improvement retailers.

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Wise Buy: Striped Sheer Curtains

I just got back from NCCC Mall and scored a wonderful deal on sheer curtain panels.  The store’s home sale is still ongoing so instead of P600, I only paid P299 (approx.  $7.11) for two panels of 84″  striped voile curtains.

Aside from the heavily discounted price, what I love best about my new curtains is that the color’s just right for my blue-themed room.  It even matches an organizer I bought months ago.

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Storage Solutions: Multi-function Storage Boxes

Last year,  I bought a couple of foldable storage boxes.  I purchased the boxes because they looked nice and never  thought that the day would come when I’ll be able to find creative uses for them.

My favourite is obviously the bigger box because  one can do so much with its 12″ x 19″ space-saving dimensions.  I have used it for storing documents, books, magazines,  linen but for the moment, it’s perfect for the following uses:

A portable coffee station!  Because I don’t want to spill coffee on my laptop.

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Girl Friday Files: Better Late Than Never

My father retired in in 2008.  Immediately after his retirement, he applied for his Social Security System retirement benefits and in a few months started enjoying his monthly pension.  But in late 2009, we were advised by some of his friends from his old company to have his SSS contributions manually verified.  There were posting errors in the monthly contributions, they said.

And so we filed a request for manual verification of my father’s SSS contributions.  He was required to fill up a form and then submit it to the person in charge.  And then what? We were instructed to wait and visit SSS from time to time for updates.  And so we waited and regularly checked for updates.  I must’ve made more than 2 dozen visits.

By May 2012, I was really tired of the regular SSS visits I’ve been making.  The person in charge (I forgot her name) couldn’t  even give me a timetable.  The manual verification of contributions is done in their Manila head office and there is no way for her to track their progress.  Sometimes she made calls to ask, I don’t know if it was long distance or through PBX but from what I figured out, she was always told that our request was still being processed. Continue reading

Finally Back in my Room

Finally, I’m back in my room.  We’re having  some renovations done at home so  I had to move to another part of the house and  bear with intolerable heat, intermittent WiFi connection, and poor ventilation among other things for months.  I also slept on a leatherette couch, aggravating my chronic back pain.

Bluer than blue walls.

By the way, I had my walls painted with two different shades of  blue.  I don’t know what made me decide on the colour scheme  but I regretted  it the moment I saw the finished product.  Decorating a blue room is difficult especially when you’re working with a close to nothing budget.  I should have gone for the safe ecru and brown combo like my younger brother did.

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