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Milkbar’s Cookies

Milkbar Cookies 01

When it comes to coffee, I’m not very picky.  At home, I get by with any instant coffee.  Black or 3-in- 1 is also fine by me.

But yesterday afternoon’s cup of coffee was extra special.  No, I didn’t have brewed coffee or anything fancy.  I had a cup of instant black coffee but…I had yummy pastries that went really well with it!

So with the usual cup of black coffee, I had a bunch of cream cheese and chocolate cookies.  Yes, you read it right… cream cheese and chocolate chip!

The cream cheese cookies were flavourful, but not too sweet.  It had a texture that reminded me of mini-muffins so there’s a delightful fluffiness in every bite.  And the chocolate chip cookies?  Nothing but soft, chewy, chocolatey goodness!  I say both types of baked goodies make great pairing options for those who want to enjoy their coffee with something to munch on.

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