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My Favorite Treats: Pastillas de Leche + Coffee Ball

Although I’m not much of a sweet tooth I still have an affinity for specific sweets.

First it was Red Ribbon’s choco walnut mousse but they stopped selling it so away went my cravings as well.  I lasted years without craving for anything sweet.  I would eat something really salty for breakfast, lunch and dinner without the need for dessert  to complete my meals.

But finally, more than 10 years after my last bite of Red Ribbon’s mousse-y goodness, the gods of sugar heaven have once again opened the gates for me. And to replace that long gone but never to be forgotten choco walnut mousse, I have found not one, but two great loves of my life.

Go Nuts Donuts’ Pastillas de Leche

I had my first bite of Pastillas de Leche in June 2011 when Go Nuts Donuts opened its first store in Davao at Abreeza Mall.   You probably won’t believe me but with that first bite, I felt a rush of emotions that can only come from comfort food.  The donut reminded me of yema (custard balls), a Filipino delicacy.  I can’t describe it but there’s just something about the creamy, oozing sweetness of the pastillas de leche’s stuffing that makes it my favourite donut of all time. In fact, I like it so much that I can eat more than 3 donuts in one sitting (defintely not a good idea when you need to lose weight).

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